Thursday, 27 November 2008

Susanna Janury was recommended for deportation to Malaysia on completion of her sentence

Susanna Janury was recommended for deportation to Malaysia on completion of her sentence.The 36-year-old was caught with 2.1kg of 100 per cent pure cocaine concealed in the lining of her suitcase after arriving at the Castle Donington airport from Gambia.She admitted illegally importing the class A drug on April 29.
Jonathan Gosling, prosecuting, said Janury arrived from Malaysia on April 15, with a ticket home for a month later.She met up with a member of a drug smuggling gang in London, who arranged for her to fly to Gambia on April 22 to collect the cocaine, returning to East Midlands four days later.
Leicester Crown Court was told Janury's passport showed she had travelled extensively, including a one-day visit to Peru and trips to Spain and India.
She had sought visas to China and Australia.
Judge Michael Pert QC said: "It shows she's a professional courier."
Graham Huston, defending, said: "She's been used for a considerable time by a well-organised gang, although it's not known if any trips were dummy runs.
"She has been used like cattle and sent to places, only to be met with abuse when she gets back.
"It's difficult to understand the extent of poverty and need where she comes from.
"After her divorce, her husband took the children because she had no money.
"The small amount of money she would have received would have enabled her to get her children back."
He said Janury also needed to pay for care for her sick mother.
Mr Huston said: "It's a case of a lamb to the slaughter and she had no comprehension of what was involved, the amount or purity."
Judge Pert told her: "I have to sentence you for importing a large and valuable consignment of a very dangerous drug."
After the case, Steve Watson, senior investigation officer for Revenue and Customs, said: "We are working alongside the newly formed UK Border Agency to stop these dangerous drugs entering the UK and to reduce the associated harm to our communities.



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